Ambulance Services in Patparganj

Ambulance Services in Patparganj

Panchmukhi Offering An Emergency Healthcare in Patparganj, Delhi

An ambulance is often the first resort to save a life as most lives are lost due to delayed access to healthcare facilities. However advanced Delhi is; it still lacks enough healthcare services. Mostly, who are in market, charge very high and poor patients die. Seeing this need Panchmukhi has brought the fleet of Ambulance Services in Patparganj, Delhi to assist people in emergency care.

Basic Life Support (BLS)

BSL is basically road ambulance service best suited for non-emergency transport. It is especially for the patients who cannot walk on their own. BLS often support patients for transport to the local hospital, for Radiology ( X-ray’s ), hospital discharges, physiotherapy, dialysis, and other medical appointments.

Advance Life Support (ALS)

These road ambulances are recommended for transporting people with cardiac emergencies, accidents, critically ill patients such as; patients on ventilator support, shock, and critical conditions; where life-support should be more advanced.

Panchmukhi Road Ambulance Service in Patparganj offers ICU and CCU setup enabled setup types of emergency evacuation services with 24-7 hours bed to bed transfer facility. So, know your need and make a call. Don’t let anyone die near you in lack of proper healthcare or delayed access to the hospital.

Make us a call in any emergency health need and we will arrive within minutes near you. Let’s transport the patient speedily!

Ambulance Services in Delhi NCR

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