Ambulance Services in Narela

Ambulance Services in Narela

First of Its Kind Ambulance Services in Narela, Delhi

Located in the outskirts of Delhi, Narela has a significant population. It is on the borders with Haryana State and is mainly an Industrial area of the North West Delhi. Though commercialization and real-estate developments have brought population in the area, it is still devoid of quality medical care services.

Seeing the need of population for Ambulance Service in Narela, we have brought Ground Emergency Vehicles. On-demand ground ambulance service is a necessary part of the medical transportation infrastructure in the locality. Panchmukhi Advanced Life Support (ALS) transportation can give a new lease of life to the patients.


Benefits Of Panchmukhi Ambulance in Narela

Ensuring reach to emergency medical care for all

Reduction in dependency on public healthcare transportation and to get staff for critical care patient transfers

Providing ground transportation services

Immediate medical assistance for saving a life


Service Area 

Our fleet of Road Ambulance Services in Narela, is available for any locality or street. Anyone can make a call irrespective of the location of the patient, for urgent transportation. We send our ground ambulances and emergency vehicles in all sectors of Narela, markets, industrial areas, and construction sites.

This will certainly be a boon for thousands of people living away from the main city Delhi. It will also make healthcare accessible for all -industrial workers, migrant workers, old, women, and children.

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